Monday, November 12, 2007

Miz Allie Cat's Show n' Tails Weekend

Miz Allie Cat's "Show n' Tails" Weekend Game

Please note this will be starting in 2008
Theme for Jan weekends......"beds"

Miz Allie Cat is going to start a momnth long weekend funtime "tradition"...meow...This will be a fun game called Miz Allie Cat's "Show n' Tails Weekend" that you can participate in every weekend. Everyone that joins up gets a chance to win a surprize gift that will be sent to them after the winner's are announced the beginning of the following month. Miz Allie Cat will drop by and visit you during the following weekends to see all the entry posts listed in the blogroll below. All URL names will be put into a hat and then a name will be drawn at the beginning of the following month. And... if you are referred by another "kitty" friend, be sure to post that in your comment and that "kitty" friend's URL, and they will get another chance to win with their name put in the hat again.
When you post on your blog be sure to mention that cat-fact to build up your chances to win.


  1. Post a comment here that you are playing and your URL post [not your URL but the post for your entry]
  2. Your name will be added to the blogroll below with a link to your URL
  3. Put Miz Allie Cat's "Show n' Tails Weekend: theme" in the subject line of your post on your blog [ex: Miz Allie Cat's "Show n' Tails: Toy"]
  4. Be sure to link to Miz Allie Cat's blog in your post
  5. You will post one photo relating to the theme along with a short jot about the photo [ex: theme is "toy" your mommy will take a photo of your favorite toy and then post a few reason's why you play with it, it's simple and thats it]
  6. One entry post each month
  7. New theme's will be posted each month for that month
  8. Once the name is picked the winner will get a comment on their site along with an announcement here
  9. You may use the button at the top to post on your blog [just reduce the size for your sidebars]
Be sure to tell all your kitty-friends so they can join in the fun too!!